biotechnology recruiter

About Our Recruiting

Our team is passionate about partnering with clients. We spend time getting to know their science, business and culture. Working in this way, enables us to provide top-tier service and get results. This eliminates the challenges and stress of recruiting key hires, leaving our clients time to focus on what matters; developing important medical products for patients with devastating conditions.

Our Areas of Specialization in
Venture Capital-backed Companies
Startups building out C-suite and direct reports to C-suite
Mid-sized biotech companies expanding their executive teams
Mid/large-sized biotech companies looking to restructure
C-suite Succession Planning
Diversity Pipelines of C-suite Talent

Our Network
CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CBOs, and COOs
Board of Directors
Scientific Advisory Boards
Research, translational/pre-clinical, clinical development, and medical affairs
Commercial and Marketing
Regulatory Affairs and Manufacturing